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Located in the business district of Highlands, New Jersey, The Groom Room is a full-service grooming salon offering every grooming service you may need. The caring and gentle staff works extremely hard to make sure your beloved pet leaves in perfect condition. We create a secure, pleasant, and comforting environment that will leave your pet looking and feeling simply amazing.


Having your dog groomed is essential for keeping your best friend’s coat and skin healthy. The Groom Room uses the finest quality shampoos and conditioners for your pet. These products are equally important as the Hands-On-Care. With all of the love and affection your dog receives from our staff, don’t be surprised if they are begging to come back!


We believe in trying to establish a bond and a trusting relationship with your pet during their grooming experience. Each and every customer and pet that comes through our door is treated with the respect they deserve. Our intention is to groom each dog to his or her owner’s expectations.




The Groom Room was established in early 2017. It was shortly after that our head groomer, Christine Cinquegrana, joined the team! Christine’s past experience, working in a veterinarian hospital, enables her to give special care to our senior pets & second chances to those who have been kicked out of other grooming salons. Most importantly, we take the time to work with your dog to get them used to the grooming process. From small dogs to big dogs, we will make sure your dog is getting the proper care that they need. We really value our clients and perform our job at 110% percent.

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The people who make our business awesome


Andrew Frank

Founder and President



Co-Founder and CEO




Christine Cinquegrana

Christine Cinquegrana

Head Groomer