Despite what you may think, grooming is not just a luxury for your pet. There are many different reasons why it is vital for your dog to be groomed on a regular basis. For instance, it helps keep your dog happy and allows you to spot any health problems before they become severe.

Here at The Groom Room, we offer all of the necessary services needed to keep your beloved dog feeling good and healthy. We take care of everything from a simple nail trim to a full service groom. All of our services are intended to provide the appropriate solutions to all of your dogs needs.


Grooming Importance


Some of the problems that may occur with your dog if it has been a while since their last groom include matting, unseen lumps, bumps, and injuries, and painful dry skin. Imagine having ponytail or a bun that is a little too tight, that is how a mat feels for your dog; a constant pull on their skin. Unfortunately, matting doesn’t just happen in one spot like a human’s ponytail or bun would, so try to imagine that feeling all over your body. We hate seeing your beloved pets in such discomfort, but have no fear; with a regularly scheduled groom from The Groom Room in Highlands, NJ, your pup can avoid all of these uncomfortable health problems.


Every breed of dog deserves the chance to experience the benefits of pet grooming. Bringing your dog for its first groom at a young age will help them become acquainted with the process and their groomer. This will eventually make each visit a relaxing spa day for your dog.


Our Goal


One of the many goals that The Groom Room has is to treat your dog as if it were our own. Gaining a long-term relationship with your pets allows our groomer to create that peaceful experience each and every visit.

With the love and affection your dog gets from the moment they walk in to the massage they get in the bath and the gentle blow dry to finish, they will be longing to see our groomer again!