Special Services


Not enough time for a full or mini groom, but want to stop in for some of the services included with those? Not a problem! At The Groom Room, we aim to offer just about any service you would like for your dog! From nail trimming to hair coloring, our staff has experience with a wide array of grooming services.


Some days you may be near Highlands, New Jersey for a quick errand and not have enough time for a full groom. Each of the services listed below take much less time than a full appointment. You can almost pick and choose your own quick grooming package! Only have time to get your dog’s nails trimmed? Make a quick 15-20 minute appointment!

Special Services

Some of our services that we provide if you were not interested in a full or mini groom include:

  • Nail Trim - $10
  • Ear Cleaning - $10
  • Anal Gland Expression - $10
  • Blueberry Facial - $5
  • Hair Coloring - $10+ (Price varies on amount and placement of coloring)
  • Nail Polish - $15
  • Tooth Brushing - $10

That being said, if there is anything you were looking for that was not included above, just ask us! Our staff has experience with many dog grooming services and would not have a problem helping you out!



Dog Nail Trimming


Dogs that spend the majority of their time inside may not experience the roughness of the outdoor surfaces. Because of this, their nails aren’t being trimmed or naturally ground down, which causes them to grow longer and become painful. It is very important to keep up with the length of your dog’s nails to keep them from experiencing this pain (not to mention saving your floors).


Dog Ear Cleaning


Most of the time your dog will let you know that his or her ears are bothering them with just some simple head shaking or ear scratching. If this happens before your next groom appointment, it might be a great idea to bring the pup in for a simple ear cleaning to help alleviate that discomfort!


Anal Gland Expression


Now you may think your dog will never need this service, but it is actually very common amongst domesticated dogs. Sometimes pets cannot express their anal glands themselves and need the assistance of a groomer. If your dog is in need of this service and it is not quickly addressed it can lead to anal sac disease and other health problems.